The intention of these proposals is to generate spaces where people, through the expressive arts and nature, can enter into a creative process that will allow them to become aware of themselves and to know themselves better. By bringing dynamics of deep listening and creative dialogue with the artistic works and the environment, an experiential space is provided in which to understand the different internal processes that we go through. In this way, we can better understand our inner feelings in order to explore and decide how to respond to them in our daily lives.

I always start from the experience and interpretation of the person him/herself, the only guardian of his/her path and aware of his/her feelings. For this reason, I accompany through listening, sensitivity, respect, openness and kindness, thus creating spaces of trust and care.

I work from an experiential, reflexive and creative methodology, bringing resources inspired from expressive arts therapy, social anthropology, facilitation and ecopsychology.

The universes that unfold my work are:

  • Deep listening: Interiority, consciousness, feeling

  • Creative dialogue: Expressive arts and creativity

  • The nature that we are: Ecology, our relationship with nature and the nature that inhabits us.

Deep listening: Interiority, consciousness, feeling

Accompanying in the awareness and learning of the inner world, of the landscapes that inhabit it and the cycles that shelter it. To take time to stop, observe, listen, understand and act accordingly.

Because knowing oneself more, helps to understand oneself better; to know oneself more, to respect oneself more; to respect oneself more, to live better. It may also happen that the demand of accompaniment does not arise from a desire of expanding selfknowledge but maybe a an inner discomfort, a state of fragility, an uneasiness, a confusion, and we do not know how to accept it, what to do with it, where to put it... Allowing ourselves the possibility to express it, to share it, helps us to understand and to be able to live this feeling better.

Facilitating the space for listening, being able to go through the different internal and external cycles with more awareness and care, expanding the different possibilities of understanding ourselves and welcoming the different sensitivities that come through us, can help us to take the time to integrate what we have experienced and to put light into the new skin that wants to arise.

Creative dialogue: Expressive arts and creativity

Working from the expressive arts favors a process of self-discovery and self-discovery. Starting from a view of "low technique, high sensitivity", what we seek is to deliver ourselves to the creative process, without thinking about the result, nor looking for an artistic technical level. To create a space of free play, of experimentation, where to try, to make and to unmake. And from this internal experience and from the artistic creation, to generate a creative dialogue that allows us to deepen what we want to know and thus be able to transfer it to life itself.

The proposal seeks to promote creativity as a practice for life, since it helps to open views, to expand possible ways of understanding, being, relating and acting with the world. Enhancing creative power also favors awareness and the ability to respond, to respond and therefore to take self-responsibility for one's own life.

The expressive arts also help to express what is silenced, what cannot find ways to explain, what we do not quite know what we feel, what is deeply difficult for us to get out, either because it is painful or confused. Thus, it not only releases emotion and allows it to transform, but also gives meaning to that which is difficult for us to explain with words.

The nature we are: Ecology, our relationship with nature and the nature that inhabits us.

An interconnected accompaniment with the nature that we are inside and outside. A human understanding that is aware of its interdependence with nature. On the basis that being is not an independent and isolated experience, but interconnected with the environment, the community and its life cycles. I firmly believe that a profound personal change needs a connection and interrelation with the environment in which we live. It is and will be mutually helpful, for you and for the world.