Always concerned by the inner world and human development, with the diversity that inhabits us and the complexity of human relationships. Passionate about creativity, human expression and the potential that drives us, and at the same time *attracted by the profound human difficulty of understanding each other and ourselves, and of sustaining internally and externally very difficult situations.

I have always wondered how one can be more at peace with oneself and with others, and how to find kind and humane ways to bring us closer together. From a beginning of seeking community inclusion and social transformation towards social peace, listening, trust, respect, dialogue, honesty and awareness of the inner world have led me to make my way around human existence, peace and inner well-being.

About me


Social anthropologist, sociologist, group facilitator, trainer and community educator. More than 15 years working in awareness projects around the culture of peace, citizenship education and inclusion and community welfare in educational, penitentiary and community contexts in Catalonia, France and Italy.

I began my professional career in Sociology and Social Anthropology, searching for questions and proposals that help to create a better coexistence and understanding of cultural diversity and its dynamics of integration and inclusion. This led to citizenship education and peace culture projects with the aim of preventing violence and raising awareness of the importance of listening, trust, dialogue and awareness of emotions in order to better deal with conflict in educational, prison and community contexts in Catalonia, France and Italy. In this journey, a deep interest in group dynamics, collaborative, participatory and experiential learning, and mutual support is emerging.

I am introduced to the world of expressive arts and creativity as an intention and means for personal awareness and existential learning with the first year of the Master in Transdisciplinary Art Therapy and Human Development at IATBA. This sense is further amplified with the ALAS - Body and Art Postgraduate course, and also with the Rites of Passage Facilitator training (Escuela Ritos de Paso de México). Here I deepen in the importance of giving space, listening, caring and accompanying the vital changes for a better vital learning and emotional well-being.

This journey immerses me in a proposal of deeper work on the vulnerability and potentiality that inhabits us, the recognition of the longings and disappointments of living, and recovering the ability to respond actively and creatively in our journey.