Anna Cornet Augé

Art, consciousness and nature

Bringing self awareness and well being through expressive arts and nature

Are you living moments of uncertainty, anxiety, lack of sense and/or low mood?

Are you experiencing some inner distress, linked to grief, mourning, illness process or an existential worry?

Do you need to find clarity and/or enrich the approach about a situation, project and widen the creative possibilities in your life?

Are you looking for a space just for yourself, to slow down, relax, know and feel better with yourself?

I bring individual and group proposals where you can


through expressive arts and nature

To live is to travel through different landscapes. Some of them external, and many others internal.

If you would like to know what your inner landscape is like, what valleys inhabit it, what it is like for you to walk through them, how to learn to walk them in a kinder way, or if you are going through a major life change and feel that you need support and/or clarity to be able to walk through it in a more conscious and healthy way, I offer individual accompaniment. More info here.

Individual accompaniment

If any of the proposals resonate with you,

don't hesitate to contact me!