Enbodying Life

Enbodying life is a proposal for creative inquiry about being that aims to explore, individually and collectively, questions about existence, life, feeling and creation:

What is it like to enbody life?

What does it mean for me to enbody life?

What does it mean to me to enbody life?

How do I feel when I enbodying it?

How do I want to enbody it?

We will explore these questions through expressive arts, creative dialogue and deep listening with ourselves and with the nature around us.

We will not seek for answers but open up spaces of possibility. The creative mystery will reveal to us what we need to learn at this moment!

It is based on a creative, experiential and reflective methodology, from the practical bases of art therapy and ecopsychology. Different meditative and appreciative practices will be proposed and we will work from different artistic possibilities (movement, sound, painting, sculpture, poetry, etc.).

The proposal is adapted to the group, the natural environment and the seasonal time of the year. For this reason, the proposal will be adapted to the possibilities of the moment and the territories.

It is addressed to adults who are curious to know and listen to themselves more deeply and who also want to deepen their relationship with nature and its creative power.

No previous experience in artistic practices or personal work is required. Creativity and listening inhabit us all!


  • To cultivate a deep listening in order to understand and expand one's own way of feeling and the possibilities of being. To question ourselves, from the creative and appreciative practice, as a habit of life.

  • To immerse ourselves in a subtle and deep listening to and with nature, to understand and perceive its cyclicalities and transitions, to enter into that which links us. To inhabit it, to enter it. To be part of it.

  • To wonder and widen the percepction of beauty. To connect with artistic, creative, aesthetic, expressive and poetic language in order to enrich the way we look at and respond to everyday life.

  • To expand confidence, curiosity and inner strength.

  • To focus awareness on existential learning. Its steps, its impressions, its integration. The being continues to create and learn.

  • Creativity as a practice for life. Connection with the creative being and surrender and dialogue with the creative mystery. Awareness and reflection on how I respond to life, how I inhabit what happens to me, how I am an actor/actress in my life.

The proposal is developed in an intensive format of 3 days (2 nights) in a rural house. More information about the autumn proposal coming soon!

If you would like to be informed when the proposal comes out, you can contact me here.