ROCKSHELTER is a creative space for emotional expression and self-awareness

A space of trust and deep listening where, through different artistic possibilities (movement, painting, music, poetry, sculpture, etc), we enter into an experiential and creative journey towards self-knowledge and emotional awareness.

It is looking and feeling towards yourself, to better understand what you live and how you live it, to be able to understand the paths that lead you to a better personal wellbeing.

It is living and creating, from freedom, non-judgement and kindness towards your own creative experience.

It is wisdom and strength, where the process will lead us to find our own resilience and sensitivity.

It is meaning and reconnection, with what we are and what we are part of.

It is one in life, hand in hand with all that is difficult, unpleasant and painful for us. Welcoming ourselves with the beauty that inhabits us.

If any of these intentions resonate with you and/or you are interested in the proposal but you have any concern, doubt or uneasiness, don't hesitate to contact me.

No previous experience in art or personal work is necessary.

Soon we will open this proposal to Girona, if you are interested, don't hesitate to contact me!